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Are you stuck with Shelx, going crazy with Crystals, WinGX sent you wobbly, LinGX left you slightly lost, APEXII left you for dead or just need some structural healing? Then perhaps posting here will help? Use this forum for general discussion about software, databases and web resources.
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If you've got a problem or want to post about a specific package please use its own subforum area. If there is not an appropriate area yeap just put it in the general area below
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  • No unread posts CrystalExplorer
    Great things to write here
    Link: CrystalExplorer Homepage
    28 Topics
    100 Posts
    Last post Re: error generating surface
    by wlewis
    06 Nov 2017, 11:04
  • No unread posts Jana
    Jana does pretty much everything (except provide a new version for Linux users). A powerful tool for crystallography.
    Petricek,V., Dusek,M. & Palatinus,L.(2006). Jana2006. The crystallographic computing system. Institute of Physics, Praha, Czech Republic.
    Development of Jana is continuously supported by Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
    Link: Jana Homepage
    Moderator: Michal Dusek
    13 Topics
    39 Posts
    Last post Re: Modulation basics
    by Arianna
    05 Feb 2018, 11:09
  • No unread posts Linxtl
    LinXTL is a text editor and a crystallographic toolbox for structural solution and refinement. It includes support for commonly used X-ray programs, makes it easer to generate publication materials and appendices for PhD thesis.
    Link: Linxtl Homepage
    Moderator: deonis
    1 Topics
    20 Posts
    Last post Re: Linxtl
    by deonis
    08 Jul 2014, 03:35
  • No unread posts MoleCoolQt
    Here You can talk about MoleCoolQt
    Link: MoleCoolQt Homepage
    Moderator: chuebsch
    22 Topics
    65 Posts
    Last post Modulation functions and Jana…
    by chuebsch
    19 Apr 2017, 12:31
  • No unread posts MolIso
    A Bord for users of MolIso
    Link: Moliso Homepage
    Moderator: chuebsch
    4 Topics
    23 Posts
    Last post Re: New MolIso WebPage is onl…
    by chuebsch
    27 Aug 2010, 11:00
  • No unread posts Olex2
    Olex2 related issues, ideas, troubleshooting and of course general Olex2 related tomfoolery its all good and welcome. Linux, Mac even Windows all goes in here

    Link: Olex2 Homepage
    Moderators: oleg, HorstPuschmann
    329 Topics
    1845 Posts
    Last post Re: Hirshfeild Atom Refinment
    by FlorianK
    24 Apr 2018, 09:33
  • No unread posts Platon
    Has Platon created error 19384709 on your favourite structure, did it decide that your CIF was just all wrong well you've found a place where you can seek and post Platon related issues, ideas, troubleshooting and of course general Platon related jiggery-pokery. All versions welcome from the WinGX, PlatonGUI, Platon Linux, UNIX, whatever make model or serial number.
    Link: Platon Homepage
    Subforum: CheckCIF
    152 Topics
    763 Posts
    Last post Re: How to use ADDSYM in Plat…
    by spea
    24 Apr 2018, 18:52
  • Shelx
    You've heard of the obscure little used program called Shelx? Well feel free to share your Shelx questions, in all forms XL, WinGX versions, Shelx versions, we take the lot and then your wondering what about general commands yep those and Shelx related issues, ideas, troubleshooting and of course general Shelx related hocus-pocus. Just post away - remember though:
    Q2: When I start SHELXL on my PC the disk rattles loudly for several hours and smoke comes out of the back. Is this a bug?
    A: You must be trying to run SHELX under some version of Windows! The best solution is to reformat the hard disk and install Linux. However the current release should produce less smoke.
    Link: ShelX Homepage
    136 Topics
    834 Posts
    Last post checksum
    by pascalp
    13 Apr 2018, 10:12
  • No unread posts shelXle
    A Qt GUI for SHELXL
    Link: shelXle Homepage
    Moderator: chuebsch
    24 Topics
    97 Posts
    Last post Re: ShelXle crashes on startup
    by chuebsch
    19 Feb 2018, 13:40
  • No unread posts WinGX
    WinGX is a MS-Windows system of programs for solving, refining and analysing single crystal X-ray diffraction data for small molecules. It provides a consistent and user-friendly GUI for some of the best publically available crystallographic programs. It is now fully compatible with the SHELX-2013 programs and has interfaces to the SirWare programs (SIR-97, SIR-2004, SIR-2008, SIR-2011) amongst others.

    WinGX is provided free of charge for academic, scientific, educational and non-commercial users, provided its use is acknowledged. Due to licencing restrictions, the program is NOT AVAILABLE for commercial users.

    A suitable reference for the WinGX package is: L. J. Farrugia, J. Appl. Cryst. (2012),45, 849-854
    Link: WinGX Homepage
    Moderator: ljfarrugia
    16 Topics
    57 Posts
    Last post Re: Problems with "Initialize…
    by Arianna
    18 Jan 2018, 14:30
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