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Hardware requirements

Post by ruimin » 29 Sep 2011, 07:46

Hallo Christian,
wir benutzen dein MoleCoolQt. Kannst du uns einen Vorschlag über Hardware geben? Es läuft unter unserem älterem Rechner zu langsam. Wir möchten einen neuen Rechner kaufen. Ulli möchte über CPU, Memory und Graphikkarte wissen.
Liebe Gruesse
Google Translate wrote:Hi Christian,
We use your molecoolQt. Can you give us a proposal on Hard Would? It runs on our PC elder too slow. We want to buy a new computer. Ulli'd like to know about the CPU, graphics card and Memory.
love Regards
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Re: Hardware

Post by chuebsch » 29 Sep 2011, 20:44

Hello Ruimin,

The answer is not easy. I think most recent computers should be good enough to work with MoleCoolQt in appropriate pace. If you want to represent large grid / cube files Moliso-surfaces it is advisable to buy a graphics card with 750MB memory or more. Under Linux, it is important to have a graphics driver with direct rendering support installed. I'm a fan of Nvidia since I've had bad experience with ATI, but that was long ago. What graphics card / CPU is currently one of the best I do not know, take a look at "PC Games Hardware magazine" at the newsstand to help you here, but a high-end model is certainly not necessary.


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