CCTBX RPM Released For Testing

CCTBX - like the link in the software area says.....
The Computational Crystallography Toolbox (cctbx) is being developed as the open source component of the PHENIX system...... But it is also cool as Olex2 uses it! Yeah post related issues here ... unless they area Olex2 issues then leave them in the Olex2 area!
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CCTBX RPM Released For Testing

Post by johnewarren » 13 Aug 2009, 14:57 has released the CCTBX package under rpm for Fedora 9,10,11 and Centos 5.

It is currently located in the test-repo and can be accessed via the yum setup either by running:

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yum --enablerepo=debroglie-test install cctbx
(on a machine that already has setup)
Or by using a yum GUI such as yumex and activating the repo via the menu on the left. I will create a help to do this if people really need it?

Ok, here is a picture of the box you need to tick to activate the debroglie-test repo.
Screenshot-Yum Extender 2.0.5.png
Once you've ticked on the debroglie-test line and clicked refresh just go to the cardboard box icon.
From there you should be able to see the search box (the one with the binoculars on its right hand side end type cctbx then look for the PACKAGES Updates Available Installed and All line just above it and select the ALL option. This should filter and give you just one hit of CCTBX or perhaps two hits CCTBX and gpp4? Tick the box for cctbx and press the process queue button
Screenshot-Yum Extender 2.0.5-2.png
You should now have cctbx installed. This version of cctbx will not self setup the environment so you need to look-in-to setting up the dispatchers. However if your only using it with Olex2 the Olex2 setup scripts that come with the Olex2 rpm (also from will do this for you.
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